A Fresh Story

Embarking on a fresh-a-fare

Regardless of what gets your taste buds dancing, we invite you to sample a taste of the food we love…

“If you like our food, please tell everybody… If you don’t, tell me” -Ester
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Words I sincerely stand by.

Our unique approach to fast-casual dining was originally derived from a simple vision: recognizing that processed foods continue to erode the restaurant industry. We feel a strong desire to turn this around. Bringing back traditional home-cooked, healthy meal options, suitable for hungry Canadians on the go, is what our community needs…and what we want…and so our venture begins!

While Fresh a-fare was formally established in 2011, our genuine desire to provide fresh food for North Americans began in 1987 with Fresh Mix Limited, a food processing company, delivering fresh-cut produce and prepared foods to the retail and food service industries in Canada and the US.

Almost 30 years later, a fresh vision created fresh-a-fare!

Real Food-Cooked Slow – Served Fast

There is truly no other way to describe it. In a fast paced society, our team is proud to serve a convenient, yet diverse selection of quality food.

“We don’t offer food we don’t love ourselves. We believe in making good, honest food with lots of flavor”.

Our menu consists of classic and unconventional favourites, packed with authentic flavor; everything from our own delicious mouth-watering Schnitzel, House-Made Meat Sandwiches on assorted freshly baked Breads and Buns. We make hearty, proprietary Soups, Signature Meal Salads, chopped fresh right in front of you.

Customize with your choice of Meat, Seafood, Vegetable, Fruits, Grains and Seeds, and tossed with our own dressings! Have a taster: They rock! :)  Mayos from scratch? We Do That.
In the mood for some of our favourites, go for our Signature Cheeseburger Soup, Breadless Sandwich, or our Brie and Tomato Vegetarian Sandwich. Care to indulge? To-die-for-Carrot Cake, Cookies.

“We cook, cure, and smoke our own meats. All soups are made from scratch using recipes we created. We make our doughs and bake our breads; and we carefully select our produce”.

“Fresh” is not an advertising slogan for us. We mean it. “Eat with your Head” Canada.

An a-fare to Remember

Our priority is to make you fall in love with our exceptional food, but I don’t stop here. Each restaurant catches the spirit of the neighbourhood. Its design caters to your preferences

Your neighbourhood fresh a-fare reflects a simple and easy, yet wordly style. Incorporating personal details throughout, I believe you will enjoy an atmosphere of beautifully coloured décor, unique wall art, and always enhanced with the music we love.

We’ve got fresh covered, eat and enjoy!

Looking forward to serving you,

EsterSattlerEster Sattler
fresh a-fare limited
Fresh Mix Limited
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